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Jetaime Esprit de la Dance at Nightsabre...


25/12/2003 - 17/03/2017

Shadow "Jetaime Esprit de la Dance at Nightsabre" was born on the 25th December 2003, and was our first Belgian. Shadow cam home on the 17th February 2004 and our life has never been the same since! Shadow is a joy to live with and even now at the age of 11 she still keeps us on our toes. Shadow has a lovely temperament and has enjoyed some success in the show ring, before showing us that she would much rather run around the agility fields. She continued to enjoy agility for many years, until I retired her a few years ago as it was getting harder for her to continue to jump.  She still plays at home and acts the puppy when we go on walks. 

Shadow sadly passed away on the 17th March 2017, after a short battle with cancer.

She was my Shadow by name and my Shadow by nature. My first Belgian and my heart, my soul.


Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Born: 25th December 2003.
Colour: Black Sex: Female
Hip Score: 4/5 Eyes: Clear

Ch Vanistica's Romeo

Fr/Lux Ch Milan de la Closerie de Yenda


Jirian du Mas de la Galandie Fr Ch Gylson de la Fureur de Crepiscule
Gypsie de Mas de La Galandie
Fr Ch Hestia-Belle de la Closerie de Yenda Int Ch Falk von Naunenhof
Fr Ch Deese de la Grande Lande (T)

Ch Vanistica Cornish Affair


Ch Vanistica's Revloch Chimney Sweep Ch/ Ir Ch Parisien Moon
Ir Ch Vanistica's Obsession
Ch Vanistica Moondust Ch Kadok de la Maison du Bois
Ch Vanistica's Galaxy Pursuit

Ebontide Minuet at Jetaime


Ch Gydo v't Belgisch Schoon


Dutch Ch Othiz v't Belgisch Schoon Engel de Domaine Ponti
Du Ch Honey Black v't Belgisch Schoon
Nice Nady v't Belgisch Schoon Lann Moria v't Belgisch Schoon
Don Neville Del Castel Sardo

Sultane de L'Ouchenee


Pak de L'Ouchenee Gredo des Pierres du Moulin
Leda De L'Ouchenee
Quory de L'Ouchenee Oural de L'Ouchenee
Kora de L'Ouchenee

Jetaime Esprit de la Dance "Shadow"

Shadow was our very first Groenendael, she is the one that got me hooked on Belgian Shepherd Dogs. She's got a lot to answer for!

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Ch Jetaime Elegance de Luna "Luna"

Luna is a Champion and the foundation bitch of Nightsabre Groenendaels..

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Nightsabre's Cassiopeia "Cassie"

Cassie is our latest addition, she is the puppy we have kept from Luna's last litter. She is very special to us, the result of an A.I mating with the wonderful Spanish Champion Besos de D'Artamas. We hope that she can continue what her mother started...

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In Memory

This page is dedicated to those dogs that have shared our lives but are sadly no longer with us..

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