Information about the different dog training courses we offer. We have a range of courses to suit the needs of all your dog training needs, from Puppy Life Skills courses to specialised Mini Courses that concentrate on just one or two key areas.

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Positive Reward and games based Dog Training Courses

Please find below information about the different dog training courses we offer. We have a range of courses to suit the needs of all your dog training needs, from Puppy PerfectionLife Skills courses to specialised Mini Courses that concentrate on just one or two key areas.

Pre-Vaccination Puppy Visit

The pre-vaccination puppy visit is designed to help you get the best start possible for your new puppy, before she has cleared all her vaccinations.

Home visits normaly last for one and a half hours but longer visits are available on request. During the visit advice is given on all aspects of puppy care and training. Topics covered are tailored to your needs, you tell me what you are most worried about and I will advise accordingly.

The one and a half hour pre-vacination puppy visit is £70.

Please contact me on 07896 275357 if you would like to book a Pre-Vaccination Puppy Visit

Puppy Perfection Foundation Course

A 6 week puppy Life Skills course designed for puppies up to the age of 5 months.

The Puppy Perfection Foundation course has been specifically designed for puppies (from inoculations) up to 24 weeks old and will run for a total of six weeks. During this time you will be taught to train your puppy using gentle hands off reward based training techniques as well as fun games and focuses on teaching your puppy the Life Skills she will need to live a full and happy life as your best friend. My training methods will teach you the skills you need to teach any skill, exercise or trick you would like to teach your puppy.

Each class is 1 hour long and will have a maximum of six puppies and handlers. Topics range from the basic exercises (such as sit, down, coming when called and walking on a loose lead) to appropriate greeting behaviour, house training, how to socialise your puppy, building a solid relationship with your puppy, instill confidence and focus.and exercises that will help prevent problem behaviours from occuring. We will also cover health and grooming issues. A comprehensive puppy pack is build up through the 6 week course, so you will be able to review your and your puppies learning at your own pace.

Classes are held at the Puddletown Village Hall in Puddletown, Dorset, every Wednesday evening starting at 7 pm.

The Puppy fPerfection Foundation course is £70.

Next Course start dates:

Puddletown Village Hall

30th August 2017- Bookings now being taken


Download Puppy Course Booking form

Puppy Perfection Junior Course

An 8 week course for puppies (5 months and older) and those who have had little training previously.

The Junior Course has been designed for puppies over the age of 5 months and young dogs. This course continues on where the puppy course finishes, but can easily be taken by any beginner. This course will run for 8 weeks. During this time you will learn how to train your puppy or young dog using hands off reward based training methods, such as clicker training and fun games.

The main advantage to this class is that I will teach you to make sure that your dog becomes an accepted part of our society, by teaching her what is and is not allowed and ensuring that you have control of your dog at all times.

Each class is 1 hour long and will have a maximum of six dogs and handlers. Some of the exercises covered are: Sit, Down, Stand, Coming when called, Walking on a loose lead, Controlled Greeting, Coming away from distractions, Sit and Down Stays and General Control. As well as covering topics such as problem prevention and socialisation.

Classes are held at the Puddletown Village Hall, Dorset, every Wednesday evening at 8:15 pm.

The Puppy Perfection Junior Course is £80.

Next Course start date:

13th September 2017 - Bookings now being taken.

Download Junior Course Booking form

Novice/ Advanced Course

An 8 week course for those who have completed the Junior course or similar.

This course is suitable for those having completed the Junior course and those who have received a similar level elsewhere. This course will run for 8 weeks and will cover more advanced exercises such as heel free with distractions, distance control, send aways, scent work and retrieves as well as building on the level of heelwork, stays, recalls and other obedience exercises already taught at Junior Course level.

Classes will be 1 hour in duration and held at the Ibberton Village Hall in Ibberton nr Blandford Forum on a Tuesday Evening and Puddletown Village Hall, Puddletown on a Wednesday evening.

This course runs a few times per year,

next course date TBC

Venue: Puddletown Village Hall

Course fee is £85.

Download Advanced Course Booking Form

Rally Obedience Classes

Our Level 1 & 2 Rally Obedience classes are a great introduction to this exciting new dog sport that is rapidly gaining popularity.

Rally Obedience, or KC Rally as it is also known as, is a relatively new dog sport that combines Traditional Obedience and Agility in an exciting new discipline. Rally Obedience involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform. Just like agility there is a time limit normally 4 or 5 minutes depending on length and difficulty of the course to be navigated. The course is set by the judge or trainer.

Rally Obedience has 6 levels, everyone has to start at Level 1 regardless of previous experience in Agility or Obedience, to move up the levels you need to achieve a qualifying score of 170 point on 3 seperate occassions and under 3 different Judges. This is a very achievable goal for all participants as no classes need to be won in order to move up the levels. The main difference between Rally obedience and traditional Obedience is that we actively encourge you to talk to your dog when navigating the course and your dog is worked within an arms length, meaning they don't have to be clued to your leg!

Classes are limited to 6 dog and handler teams per session. Please book to avoid disappointment, we only have a few spots left.

Rally Obedience classes are being held at the Puddletown Village Hall on Saturday Mornings:

Please note: there will be no Rally training on the following dates as we do not have the hall:

5th August 2017

12th August 2017 (weather permitting we will have a session outside in the garden)

2nd September 2017

9th September 2017 (weather permitting we will have a session outside in the garden)

30th September 2017 (weather permitting we will have a session outside in the garden)

Nightsabre Rally Obedience (Dorset UK)

Naughty but Nice Training Courses

1-2-1 Training sessions and 10 week training courses for Naughty but Nice Dogs

Does your dog bark uncontrollably at the post man? Does your dog spin and lunge on the lead? Or is your dog rather friendly but over exuberant? Does your dog find some people or situations rather stressful? Do you feel out of control whilst walking your dog in public? Are you concerned about what people think? then the Naughty but Nice course is for you!

The Naughty but Nice courses are designed for dogs that may be reactive, chasey, easily overaroused or frustrated or that just lack impulse control or reliability.

Initially these classes are on a 1-2-1 basis and then after the initial private lessons (length depends on progress of each individual dog and owner team) have been completed there is an option to attend a 10 week course with up to 3 other Naughty but Nice dogs, where dog and owner will be able to apply the principles taught in the one to one sessions in a controlled environment.

Naughty but Nice 1-2-1 training sessions are charged at our standard private lesson rates.

10 week Naughty but Nice Course fee is £125, limited to 4 dogs and handlers.

For more information and to arrange an initial assesment please contact me.

RingCraft Training

Ringcraft training with a difference! We strive to help you resolve the problems you are experiencing in the show ring using positive training methods.

Ringcraft classes are held at the Puddletown Village Hall on Wednesday Afternoons. The class will start at 2:30 pm and will last for approx 1 hour. During these classes you will learn how to correctly handle your dog for the show ring. We will show you how to stand or stack your dog and teach you the do's and don'ts of Dog Showing. We will also teach your dog to accept being handled by a Judge. This class is also ideal for those wanting to socialise their dog to a high standard, as it will teach your dog to pay attention to you regardless of the other dogs in the class.

The class fee will be £3.00 per dog and handler, payable at the beginning of each lesson. One handler with two dogs will pay £5.00 per session. A yearly Membership fee (due in August each year) of £7.50 will apply and be payable when you join us.

Please note: There is no Ringcraft Training on the following dates, due to our Christmas break:

14th December, 21st December, 28th December 2016 or 4th January 2017.

We will be back to normal on the 11th January 2017.

For more information and to book your place please contact me.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for those who prefer one to one lessons or those experiencing training problems. Home visits are preferred for private lessons, alternatively sessions can be arranged at either of our Halls.

Private lessons are charged at £30 per hour*. Discounts are available for several sessions booked together. Please contact me for details.

For behavioural problems please see the Behaviour Consulations page.

* Please note: Home visits within a 10 mile radius are included in the price quoted. Visits between a 10 and 20 mile radius are charged at £35 per hour.

Dog Training Courses

Courses for puppies and older dogs, Mini courses for specific training problems, Ringcraft Training and 1-2-1 training sessions

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